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Get started with using DataOS by watching these videos.


This video encapsulates everything you need to know in order to quickly get started with using the command line interface of DataOS, post installation.

    After watching this video, you should
  • have an understanding of the CLI,
  • know how to connect with a specific context of DataOS, and
  • know how to write the commands in CLI

For further details, refer to the reference document on DataOS CLI

DataOS Depots

In these videos, you will delve into the concept of DataOS Depots and the Uniform Data Link (UDL).

Introduction to Depot

The video explains how Depots, with UDL, standardize the data access process across different storage systems. Gain insights into why and how Depots are used.

How Depots are created?

In this video, you will learn the process of crafting the YAML configuration file for creating a Depot.


Get started with using the Scanner stack of DataOS by watching these four short videos.

Introduction to Scanner

In this video, you will be introduced to Scanner, the metadata extraction framework in DataOS. The video provides an overview of how the Scanner stack is used to extract metadata from various source systems and store it in the metadata store.

How to Run a Scanner job

In this video, you will learn to write a Scanner job to extract data from the source system using a depot.

Scan metadata from non-depot sources

This video highlights the configuration of a Scanner job for extracting metadata from a data source for which a depot has not been created.

Configure Filter Patterns

In this video, you will get an understanding of how you scan only specific databases, schemas and tables using filter patterns.