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DataOS Audience is a customer segmentation app that helps businesses better understand their customers (or audiences) by grouping them based on key variables and providing deep insights into their behavior and value. It is a Lens derivative application that harnesses the semantic data models built via. Lens to separate out specific cohorts or groups of people that share common characteristics, traits, or behavior, which we call audiences.

The Audience application enables data activation through a streamlined and effective solution, empowering companies to segment their customer base based on specific business criteria such as "Loyalists," "Promising," and "Risk." With a user-friendly graphical user interface, it simplifies the process of targeting and monitoring audience changes, enabling the creation of personalized marketing strategies for specific audiences that drive business growth.

Traversing the Audience UI

Audience app's drag-and-drop interface enables individuals to define their desired audience parameters without needing to understand the intricacies of data storage or complex dataset relationships. To learn more about the Audience UI, refer to Audience UI.

How to Get Started with the Audience App?

With its ability to efficiently resolve intricate audience segmentation challenges through a user-friendly interface, the Audience app boasts a favorable balance of addressing complexities while retaining ease in its learning process. To learn more about how to use Audience, refer to Getting Started with Audiences.